Impregnation Fetish: Why People Love Breeding as a Kink

September 1, 2020

My absolute favourite fetish to film and participate in is the deliciously creamy impregnation fetish. It’s what I’m most known for, garnering me many customs video requests based around the idea of breeding me. 

What can I say? It’s a compliment to know that men (and other folks) want to see me squirming and taking loads of sperm inside my fertile pussy. 

The Basics of Impregnation Fetish

An impregnation fetish is all about the idea of having sex to get pregnant. No actual pregnancy needed – it’s all about the act of getting impregnated, whether purposeful or not. Some prefer the risky elements, and others the intimate nature of implanting their seed inside someone to grow. It’s a hot, taboo fetish that the real pervs love to lust after.

There are a couple main reasons why being impregnated is a rising fetish and porn search…

The Animalistic Nature of Breeding

We are simply born to breed. That’s what our biological instincts tell us at least, though society is advancing beyond the idea of needing to extend our lineage for survival, and past the nuclear family ideology. We no longer need to have babies, but there’s an animistic nature in most of us that makes our body crave the idea of breeding, or being bred. Our horniness, originally used to make humans incubation machines, still can surprise us when it comes to fucking raw and taking cream pies.

GIF from Breed Your Busty Teacher

The Intimacy of Pregnancy

There’s something incredibly vulnerable and intimate about making a baby with someone.. Even if the baby never actually comes to fruition. Implanting sperm with egg to create a human together is socialized to be one of the most romantic acts. We can’t help but see the idea as a loving gesture, especially since many of people are raised to believe sex should be done to procreate. Role-playing impregnation with a partner can create some of those romantic feelings, even if there are measures in place to prevent actual pregnancy.

The Risk of Impregnation Fetish

You’re coming back to your apartment with your date, making out down the hallway, stumbling over each other to get inside. You rip off their clothes as they kiss your neck, and slip off your pants. You push each other into the bed, and – uh oh, no condoms.Why Men Have Impregnation Fetishes

Fucking without a Condom

Having sex with a condom has many taboo tenancies. The risk of getting pregnant or catching STIs contribute to why the idea of fucking raw is so naughty to a lot of people. People like being risky, which leads to condom use not being as regular as it should be. Sure “It feels better” and “I can’t come with a condom” are popular excuses, but there’s something downright dirty about the idea of risking pregnancy itself. 

screenshot from Impregnate My Asshole

Cum-Filled & Creampied

A fetish that goes hand in hand with impregnation fetishes are creampie fetishes! Getting creampied is an integral part to getting pregnant, so you can easily see why the Venn diagram of the two fetishes is almost a complete circle (for most of us). 

What excites you about the impregnation fetish?