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I’m only starting to make my mark in the adult industry, and through my work have been featured in multiple media outlets and clip sites. As a Toronto plus size influencer, I’m always available for projects and events! If you’re looking to put a spotlight on me, interview me about my work or get a quote, please browse my press materials, and contact me. Here’s the buzz about me in the media…


Movie on Netflix

Gwen Adora is one of the main documentary subjects of Netflix’s Money Shot: The P0rnHub Story. Following the history of P0rnHub’s scandals, cultural relevancy and fight for internet freedom, Adora shares her perspective as an independent performer who’s been effected financially and socially by anti-p0rn propaganda. Gwen’s appearance in the film been praised for her approachable attitude and realistic representation of p0rn performers.

Released in March 2023, the film immediately hit #1 on the Netflix Top Ten, and kept it’s momentum for the weeks following. During Netflix’s end of year review, MoneyShot was the 4th watched documentary on the platform between January and June 2023.

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  •  XBIZ Cam Awards
    • 2020 – Nominated: Best BBW Clip Artist
    • 2021 – Won: Best BBW Clip Artist
  •  ManyVids MV Awards
    • 2019 – Nominated: BBW of the Year
    •  2020 – Won: MV Choice Award. Nominated: BBW of the Year, Social Media Influencer
  • ManyVids Community Awards
    • 2019 – Nominated: MV Social Media Influence of the Year
  • The BBW Awards
    • 2019 – Nominated: Best Clips Store, New Scarlet OTY, SextPanther’s BBW Sexter of the Year
    • 2020 – Won: Femdom of the Year. Nominated: Best Clips Store, Most Creative Clip
  • The PornHub Awards
    • 2019 – Nominated: Fan Fave BBW Model
    • 2020 – Nominated: Fan Fave BBW Model
    • 2021 – WON: Top BBW Performer. Nominated: Top Solo Female Performer, Fan Favorite BBW Model, Fan Favorite Social Media Personality
    • 2022 – Won: Top BBW Performer. Nominated: Top BBW Performer, Fan Fave BBW, Top Solo Female Performer
    • 2023 – Nominated: Top BBW Performer, Top Solo Female Performer

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