The Creator Economy, Sex Workers & Internet Censorship Laws

February 23, 2022
creator economy - response to hank green tiktok sucks video from a sex worker - internet censorship

A month ago digital creator Hank Green took to YouTube to discuss monetization on platforms and the creator economy – specifically dissecting the way TikTok pays out creators in comparison to other platforms. The video, “Soo… TikTok Sucks” brought to the public a conversation about uniting internet creators to work together to push platforms to do better for their creator communities, both backend support wise and monetarily.

As I watched Hanks video, I agreed alongside points he was making, which included a brief acknowledgement of unfair community guideline applications and censorship for creators. It wasn’t until Hank was discussing all the various social media avenues he’s able to get directly paid out from (via ad revenue) that it hit me that my industry, most people in adult entertainment, do not get the same opportunities to monetize their social content. Despite us often producing the same type and amounts of content as mainstream or “Safe For Work” (SFW) creators.

The monetization gap between adult creators and mainstream ones was one I’ve been existing in since I entered the industry, but to see Hank Green lay it all out there like that, it really made me understand how big that gap just is. So I made this video as an addendum reply to the conversation Hank is continuing by adding why I believe that digital creators who are sex workers should not only be included, but prioritized when talking about the creator economy and monetization online.

The Creator Economy and Sex Work

In this video I cover…

  • algorithmic and platform discriminations for sex workers when it comes to monetizing social channels
  • how technology for making money online AND the hype around the digital creator market was pioneered by sex workers
  • why internet creators should be caring about adult industry related legislature, and fighting with us when it comes to unequal earning opportunities online
  • how bills like SESTA/FOSTA and the upcoming Earn It Act are purposefully broadened to end encryption online for EVERYONE, but specifically target, silence and harm marginalized people on the internet

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